Preparation Keys to Nail the Interview

It is essential that you prepare well for your interview; whether it is a phone, video, or in-person interview.  Companies continue to look for top candidates.  Strong preparation ahead of the interview will put in you in the position to jump ahead of the competition and nail the interview.

Here are some key points to focus on with your preparation:

Preparation Prior to the Interview

  • Do an in-depth analysis of the company’s web site, including detailed analysis of the product/services, press releases, management structure, company history, etc.
  • If the company’s website has a section on its culture or guiding principles, make sure that you review and understand all this as these points will probably come up in the interviews
  • Review the LinkedIn profiles of any individuals that you know will be interviewers.
  • Prepare a list of questions on the company’s structure, culture, and products/services that you will ask each interviewer

During the Interview

  • Show strong engagement with each Interviewer(s)-Ask Questions!!  Make the interview a two way conversation!
  • During an in-person interview, look the interviewer in the eyes when talking, be confident!
  • Show a sense of curiosity about both the company and the role and show an eagerness to learn
  • Be prepared to answer in-depth technical questions; including brain storming and role playing type questions
  • Please take notes in all interview sessions; including on-site
  • Be confident; it will make the conversations flow better
  • Be prepared to share information about yourself to the interviewers including hobbies and interests outside of work as cultural fit is very big with most companies.
  • Make sure to ask for business cards or get the email addresses of each interviewer

Post interview

  • Firm handshake at the end of each interview and show enthusiasm for the role and the company
  • Send a thank you email to each interviewer which highlights specific parts of your conversation as well as show enthusiasm for the role and the company

Following the above steps may not get you the job, but it certainly will put you in top consideration for the role and make it a tough choice for the company to make.

Mike Sweeny
Principal & Founder

MAS Recruiting
As a Philadelphia area based Executive Search and Recruiting firm, MAS Recruiting offers clients a strong level of recruiting expertise and an unprecedented level of service not received from larger firms.
We have a national list of clients.  Our client list includes emerging growth up to Fortune 500 companies.  We have strong recruiting experience in a multitude of industry verticals including: 
Advanced Materials
Business Consulting
Clean-Tech & Energy
Financial Services
Food & Beverage

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