Revised Job Market Statistics

I updated the analysis (previously done on January 21, 2016) using jobs posted within 100 miles of Philadelphia PA (MAS Recruiting’s office location) and then broke the jobs down by salary level. Here is the new analysis and the comparison to January’s data:


March 24, 2016
Total Posted Positions: 298,845
80k+ Jobs: 38,472 (12.9%)
100k+ Jobs: 16,093 (5.4%)
120k+ Jobs: 7,714 (2.6%)
140k+ Jobs: 3,554 (1.2%)
180k+ Jobs: 1,202 (0.4%)
200k+ Jobs: 573 (0.2%)


March 24, 2016
Total Posted Positions: 298,392
80k+ Jobs: 38,865 (13.0%)
100k+ Jobs: 17,707 (5.9%)
120k+ Jobs: 7,559 (2.5%)
140k+ Jobs: 3,142 (1.1%)
180k+ Jobs: 718 (0.2%)
200k+ Jobs: 358 (0.1%)
January 21, 2016
Total Posted Positions: 315,996
80k+ Jobs: 37,782 (12.0%)
100k+ Jobs: 15,752 (5.0%)
120k+ Jobs: 7,453 (2.4%)
140k+ Jobs: 3,384 (1.1%)
180k+ Jobs: 1,211 (0.3%)
200k+ Jobs: 518 (0.2%)

January 21, 2016
Total Posted Positions: 289,687
80k+ Jobs: 39,107 (13.5%)
100k+ Jobs: 20,048 (6.9%)
120k+ Jobs: 9,451 (3.3%)
140k+ Jobs: 4,439 (1.5%)
180k+ Jobs: 971 (0.3%)
200k+ Jobs: 359 (0.1%)
The comparison data between LinkedIn and Indeed is remarkably similar and continue to show that between 75% and 80% of all the posted positions are paying 80k or less in salary.   The March data also shows that recruiting and hiring has not increased at all since January, and that we remain in a flat job market.  This data shows that companies continue to be very careful with their recruiting and hiring and are willing to add lower salary positions to fill some needs, but will not generally hire higher salaried roles unless absolutely necessary.  All of this ties in with what I have seen in my business since Q4 2015.

Mike Sweeny
Principal & Founder
MAS Recruiting

As a Philadelphia area based Executive Search and Recruiting firm, MAS Recruiting offers clients a strong level of recruiting expertise and an unprecedented level of service not received from larger firms.

We have a national list of clients. Our client list includes emerging growth up to Fortune 500 companies. We have strong recruiting experience in a multitude of industry verticals including:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Business Consulting
  • Clean-Tech & Energy
  • e-Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Technology

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